Iframe Documentation

This is where you will need the API key from the dashboard, as you will need to replace "{your_api_key}" with it. For "{user_id}", you will need to dynamically insert the user id for each app user. Make sure the ID used here is unique and that it does not change, as the user's profile will be stored under this ID.

<iframe src="https://offerwall.upwall.net/?app_id=[YOUR_API_KEY]&userid=[USER_ID]"
top:0px; left:0px;
bottom:0px; right:0px;
width:100%; height:100%;
border:none; margin:0; padding:0;
overflow:hidden; z-index:999999;">

Parameter Required Type Description
app_id Required String Your app id to show offers in ifarme , It will be added automatically in iframe
userid Required String Your User's Unique ID E.g.: &userid=user1234

Postback Documentation

What is a Postback?

A postback allows you to receive notifications on your server every time your account receives a conversion. This is necessary for you to be able to provide your users with rewards. For example, whenever you receive a conversion, you may wish to be notified what the payout, user ID, and point value are. Example Postback URL:

Parameter Description Macros
app_name Returns the app name {app_name}
userid This is the unique identifier code of the user who completed action on your platform. {userid}
password If your postback has a password associated, we pass this password back to you {password}
user_amount The amount of your virtual currency to be credited to your user. {user_amount}
offer_name Name of completed offer. {offer_name}
offer_id ID of completed offer. {offer_id}
payout The offer payout in $ (USD) {payout}
ip_address Converting device's IP address if known, otherwise {ip_address}
currency_name Virtual currency name defined in your app settings. {currency_name}
date The date on which the offer was completed {date}


//php code example
$user_id = $_REQUEST['userid'];
$ip_address = $_REQUEST['ip_address'];
$offer_name = $_REQUEST['offer_name'];
$offer_id = $_REQUEST['offer_id'];
$app_name = $_REQUEST['app_name'];
$user_amount = $_REQUEST['user_amount'];
$payout = $_REQUEST['payout'];
$currency_name = $_REQUEST['currency_name'];
$date = $_REQUEST['date'];
//If your postback has a password associated, we pass this password back to you 
$password = $_REQUEST['password'];
$my_password = "your-postback-password-here";

//Database Connection

$host       = "your-host-server";
$dbuser     = "your-database-username";
$dbpassword = "your-database-password";
$dbname     = "your-database-name";
$db = mysqli_connect($host,$dbuser,$dbpassword,$dbname); 

if (isset($user_id) && $password == $my_password) {
  mysqli_query($db,"INSERT INTO
  leads (user_id , offer_name , offer_id , ip_address , app_name , offer_payout , user_amount , currency_name , date) 
  VALUES ('".$user_id."','".$offer_name."','".$offer_id."','".$ip_address."','".$app_name."','".$offer_payout."','".$user_amount."','".$currency_name."','".$date."')"); 

Accessing the API Offers

The offer API is designed to be called by a backend/server. This API returns you the inventory we have available for you


An application is required to use the API. Once you have created an app you will have an API KEY, that you will need in the following steps.

1 - Go To Apps Page

2 - Click on View Button

You will get the API from there!
Parameter Required Type Description
app_id Required String The Api key for the app
userid Required String Your userid (Unique ID) E.g.: &userid=user1234
country Optional String country code of the user, This will help show the offers available to the user in his country || value : TR , US , GB etc..
os Optional String Filters the list of offers to show the offers available to that device. Android = android || IOS = ios || web = desktop ||

Response Example:

    "status": "success",
    "count": 2,
    "offers": [
            "offer_id": "47489",
            "title": " Bright Objects  Hidden object",
            "description": "Play and Reach Level 120 (New Users Only) ",
            "icon": "https:\/\/adrumedia.cdns-works.com\/files\/uploads\/Off_A_70677.jpg",
            "conversion": "Play and Reach Level 120 (New Users Only) ",
            "payout": "0.28",
            "link": "http:\/\/trck.app.adrumedia.com\/?offer_url=64ded38a57199==&uid=64ded38a5719b4600==&from=api&appid=232",
            "user_amount": 28.000000000000004,
            "devices": [
            "available_in": "TR",
            "countries": [
            "offer_id": "45052",
            "title": " Kariyer.net",
            "description": "Register (new users only)",
            "icon": "https:\/\/adrumedia.cdns-works.com\/files\/uploads\/Off_A_68235.png",
            "conversion": "Register (new users only)",
            "payout": "0.03",
            "link": "http:\/\/trck.app.adrumedia.com\/?offer_url=64ded38a5eb00==&uid=64ded38a5eb024389==&from=api&appid=232",
            "user_amount": 3.0,
            "devices": [
            "available_in": "TR",
            "countries": [

php Example:

$curl = curl_init();

$url = "https://offerwall.upwall.net/api/?app_id={your_api_key}&country={country_code}&os={os}&userid={user_id}";

curl_setopt_array($curl, array(
  CURLOPT_URL => $url,

$response = curl_exec($curl);
$offers = json_decode($response,true);

if ($offers['status'] == "success"){
foreach($offers['offers'] as $var => $value){
echo $value['offer_id']."\n";
echo $value['title']."\n";
//and more